There's a better way to track
If you are tired of paper diary cards, so are your clients. Use Waverider's digital diary card builder instead and never miss a beat.
  • No sign up fee.
  • No credit card required.
  • 100% HIPAA Compliant.

How Waverider works:

Get started

When you sign up to Waverider:

Monthly plan: $15/mo or save $20 with our annual plan: $160/yr
You will be able to:
  • Invite up to 30 clients to start tracking.
  • Build custom diary cards.
  • Create unlimited personalized trackers.
  • Share diary cards digitally with your clients.
  • Edit diary cards any time.
  • Monitor your clients' weekly progress.
Your clients will be able to:
  • Get a free Waverider account.
  • View the diary card you designed for them.
  • Track behaviors, symptoms, emotions & skills.
  • Set daily reminders to increase compliance.
  • Get notified when you make changes to their diary cards.


What people are saying about us.


"Waverider makes diary cards so much more “doable” for my out patient clients.

Jolie, Therapist


"I really love Waverider…it has made my life so much easier"

Desiree, Therapist


"Fantastic digital card. I really like how intuitive and easy to use it is!"

Jessica, Psychiatrist

100% HIPAA Compliant
Waverider is happy to comply with HIPAA by meeting all software security standards and requirements to safeguard your data and your client’s data. We handle all protected information safely via back-end processes and associated vendors. Read more about our Data Privacy principles.
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