What is Waverider?
Waverider allows you to create fully custom daily tracking for your clients and displays their data and progress to you in a simple dashboard that you can access anytime. You can track anything from sleep to nail-biting, whatever it is will help you better understand your client’s behavior/emotions and better inform your therapy plan.
How does Waverider work?
After signing up you can invite your clients to create a Waverider account. Once you and your client are ready, you can set up their daily trackers and share them so they can start tracking. After 1 week of tracking, you can start reviewing your client’s weekly report.
Waverider covers an extensive list of behavioral and emotional trackers. You can edit trackers as your client progresses with their treatment, you can also create custom trackers in case you couldn't find the tracker that best suits your client’s needs.
Who can use Waverider?
Waverider is designed as a supplemental tool for mental health professionals who offer care to clients with serious mental illness and use behavioral and emotional daily tracking as part of their therapy.
Do I need a license to use Waverider?
To register as a provider you will need a license or certification to be able to add your clients.
Why do I need to share my practice type with Waverider?
We would like to know the environment in which you are using Waverider so we can better understand how to develop and improve our product to better serve you and your clients.
How much does Waverider cost?
You can use Waverider for free with just one client or upgrade to the Solo plan for $15/month to handle up to 30 clients.
Alternatively with ourannual membership at $160, you can save $20 and manage your clients stress-free.
Are there any cancelation fees?
There are no cancelations fees; you can opt-out anytime. Learn more about our Data Policy.
What about HIPAA?
Waverider complies with HIPAA by meeting all software security standards and requirements to safeguard your data and your client’s data.
What happens to the data collected?
Waverider is committed to the highest ethical and data security standards. We handle all protected information in a secure, HIPAA-compliant manner and do not monetize your or your clients’ data. Learn more about Waverider’s Data Policy and Privacy Policy.
For more information about inviting clients, setting up trackers, viewing client reports, and managing your account go to our help center.