Offer your clients tailored, engaging care.

Waverider provides an enriched therapeutic experience for clients and practitioners whether you are an individual or group practice

Secure client management
Invite your clients to create an account on Waverider via email or text with a customizable welcome message. Our platform allows you to access client data on the go making it easy to manage your caseload, whilst remaining completely secure and 100% HIPAA certified.
Shared diverse library of trackers
Our comprehensive library of trackers covers quality of life, emotions, treatment-interfering and life-threatening behaviors, along with journal entries and DBT & CBT skills tracking.
Client personalized trackers
Couldn't find the tracker you need? With Waverider, you can create custom trackers, label them, and choose the type of answer: Yes/No, 0-10 scale, numbers, or text. We know no two clients are the same and this ensures each tracker is fully customisable to each individual's needs.
Engaging reminders
With the new Waverider app, keeping your clients engaged throughout their treatment has never been easier. Your clients will receive notifications via text or email to help them stay on track.
Insightful weekly reporting
Our weekly reports help you to spot correlations and patterns in your client's progress. With color-coding, weekly averages, and the option to reorder trackers, you will have all the insight you need to adjust treatment plans accordingly.
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